Thursday, December 10, 2009

Portrait of the Artist

This week, this month really, is getting away from me. Something going on every night, super busy at work every day. December is always a crazy time. It's even tougher for great artists, like myself, who create in order to express their innermost thoughts and feelings. When great artists, like me, produce great art, it takes time and can be exhausting. Case in point, my Christmas ornament made from sour gummi worms and circus peanuts. Great art like this doesn't make itself, it needs to be nurtured and encouraged so that it may become a life force unto itself. And that's exactly what happened when I got a hot glue gun and an idea to incorporate my company's logo into an ornament. You can practically smell the life force, can't you?


Glogirly and Katie said...

Well you did better than me, Deb! I bailed on Glo's ornament creation. I couldn't stand the temptation of all that candy I'd need to have around in order to nurture my creative process.

kousalya said...

Really stunning!!

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