Sunday, January 27, 2013

easy like a sunday morning

25 january
you have never heard more squealing, from women and men alike, then when an 11 week old corgi named zelly comes to visit the office. tiny body, tiny head, and giant ears are irresistible to all genders. our receptionist, becky, drove with her husband last week to lancaster, pennsylvania where a mennonite family raised zelly from birth. zelly now happily resides with becky and her family in minnetonka. i highly recommend a corgi puppy fix for anyone needing a lift!

26 january
maria and i did some catching up about her awesome new job at an architecture firm. first we made a visit to maxwell's for some of our favorite nachos and then she gave me a tour of her new office. the nachos were divine, all full of spiced chicken and jalapenos, and her office was stunning. located in the historic grain belt brewery building, they didn't miss a beat. here is the lobby, where a fire crackled in the fireplace where folks wait to meet with staff. i could wait there all day!

27 january
it snowed for the first time in a long time today. it's super pretty outside, though i only ventured out a few feet! i stopped to take a photo of the snow out my living room window just as a north star light rail train sped by. i love the brash, colorful metal bursting through the gray placidness.

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