Tuesday, January 8, 2013

of oceans and sunrises

i have more photos of the pug if you'd like to see them. ha! of course you would love to see them, everyone adores roberto. but i felt i was getting too dependent on him for daily photo opps and since our time together is destined to end soon, i dug deep and took photos of other parts of my life. it's nothing personal, roberto.

7 january
i'm enchanted by this light up globe we have in our office at work. i love looking at all of the countries in the world that i've visited and all the ones i haven't and the ones i hope to and the ones i never will (jamaica, i'm looking at you. really, that's probably not fair because there was a time i had no interest in visiting japan and now that i've been there - yowza! - i can't wait to go back. life is funny that way). but the only country i can currently see when i glance over at that lit up orb is beautiful, sunny, historic mexico. i'm just a few weeks out from another trip there (my tenth? twelfth? not quite sure) and already i can feel the warm pacific waves rolling over my shoulders as i float in the sea, my skin flecked with gold rays from the setting sun. 

8 january
on days when i find it difficult to get out of bed, i allow myself to lay there and think of at least one good reason to pull myself from the warm flannel sheets. too often, i can't think of a good reason, other than that whole paying-the-mortgage deal. often times i am able to convince myself that the view of the sun rising over the lake during my commute into work will make getting out of bed worth it. while i didn't have to talk myself out of the blankets this morning due to knowing i had to get up to take care of a certain stout pug, i was nevertheless rewarded with a stunning sunrise over cedar lake. i had to drive out of my way and pull over so that i could snap this shot, which still didn't capture the majesty of the moment. i'm really fortunate to have such a dazzling commute.

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