Sunday, January 13, 2013

it's been a hungry week!

jesus, it's easy to get behind on anything you vow to do daily! of course, somehow i always manage to shower, brush my teeth, and eat daily. but the rest all goes to hell amongst long hours at work, pug sitting, and general merriment. sheesh. and i just noticed that every single photo i'm posting for this entry involves food. absolutely unintentional.

9 january
invited over for "kitten & kocktails" to a friend's home to get to know her new kitten better and make sure the sweet little feline gets properly socialized with humans, i had no clue we'd be served such absolutely divine asian appetizers! i knew the food would be good, but it was phenomenal. homemade shrimp spring rolls, chicken satay with four dipping sauces, and pork lettuce wraps. insanely delicious. and the kitten melted our hearts. not a bad gig for a wednesday.

10 january
roberto the pug went home to his real mom tonight, it was unbelievably heartwarming to see how excited he was once he realized she was back! i will miss that little guy, but i know he's happier at home. after the hand off, my mom made the family some chili and popovers for dinner. my teenaged nephew george noticed that his looked a lot like the sydney opera house. he was so right.

11 january
long, stressful day, which is weird for a friday. what better way to get the weekend started than happy hour at the 1029 bar? we ordered bacon mac & cheese, fries, and a shrimp basket and washed them all down with nordeast beers. oddly, this was the only photo i took all day on friday. i'm just glad i didn't completely forget. yet.

12 january
birthday party fun time for doug tonight with his life long group of friends. while doug gathered up all the sushi ingredients he was preparing, i baked up some all-butter puff pastry into little circles and filled them with a mascarpone, yogurt, ginger and orange cream. then i topped them with blueberries and a little strip of orange zest. i've made other variations of these before, they're delicate and fairly addictive.

13 january
we needed to move a pretty big wardrobe from my place to doug's storage space today, so we enlisted the help of one of my favorite ranch hands, my nephew george. to pay him and his dad for their time and effort, we bought them breakfast at our neighborhood joint, the spring street tavern, where the breakfast burrito weighs just a tiny bit less than george himself. he almost ate the whole thing. he could have finished it, but that basket of tater tots right next to him proved to be too much for him and did him in.

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