Saturday, January 5, 2013

oh, that pug!

hmm...i have some concerns about what i'm going to photograph every single day once this stout little pug is no longer rooming with me. i mean, look at him, he's quite irresistible. i've been taking him to my work, to my brother's work, and to my parents' house at christmas. once he goes back to his owners next week, will my life be empty? void of photo opportunities? probably not, but it won't be a sure thing any longer.

3 january
roberto and i went for a short walk over to my brother dave's auto shop. i took all sorts of shots of the pug around the different equipment, and then my brother volunteered to take him up on the hydraulic lift that took them up towards the ceiling. roberto took it all very much in stride.

4 january
roberto's last day at the office during his visit with me. several coworkers fell in love with the little guy, but few with the fervor demonstrated by anita, who nuzzled him every chance she had. 

5 january
we took a little break from the pug (or perhaps he felt he got a break from us!) and went to the saturday noon meat raffle at the knight cap bar. maria and i were skunked and doug only won a free drink. this is the official meat raffle wheel and the various meats - hams, turkey breasts, bacon, ground beef, pork roasts, and more - displayed for all to admire. and, apparently, for everyone else to win.

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