Thursday, January 24, 2013

india + africa + china + bali + paris

23 january
whenever i'm fortunate enough to go to an indian restaurant, i have to order a kingfisher beer, just like i did on many occasions in india. kingfisher is not a craft brew, it's not impossibly stuffed with hops, it's just light and easy to drink like a beer should be in a hot country like india. it's easy like a sunday morning, or in this case, like a wednesday night. doug and i took advantage of a groupon that was close to expiring to check out himalayan restaurant in the seward neighborhood, and we were not disappointed. goat curry, chicken tikka masala, mango lassi, and some pakora to start made for a wonderful meal. can't wait to return.

24 january
i've made an executive decision to leave my ipad at home when i go to mexico next week. that means paperback books will be coming with me. i'm compiling a stack of books that i've been meaning to read and will decide the night before i leave which will make the trip. here's the pile so far. i guess i shouldn't be surprised that all these books are memoirs about people living or spending time in other countries. it wasn't intentional at all, these are just the books that pique my interest when i'm perusing i can't wait to figure out which books are going with me!

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